EuMoEx Auto Show Photos
Puppies and Doggies!
Stan and doggie   adopt me   furry   d b own
 Emcee Stan with friends    Adopt me!        Dog brought owners     Is that a Morgan?

boy   doggie pool    show  show
    Animal Shelter volunteer    Boy and Puppies           Resting      Dogs enjoying cars 
These puppies can be adopted and they will be as happy and loving as the ones who brought their families to the show

entrants White Glove
Some of the Entrants                        White Glove Exhibit  

Italian Row Alfa, Ferrari, Fiat
AJ Jaguar  Roger UJ  Winner 1
             AJ's   XJS              Roger's Patriotic British Jaguar   Jensen Healey Winner
Svenskraft   Volvo winner
                             A bit of Sweden                                    Volvo 1800 winner

stan announcing   Ken and Clarks   

row of Jaguars Morgan + 8 Morris Minor 1000
Alfa Romeos and Fiats        Triumphs            Jaguar v12        Triumphs & MG              MG TD